Dinesh D'Souza:

Dinesh is a top flight author, filmmaker and national political commentator. He is well known for exposing the true history and intentions behind the Democrat party. He fights to help put America First policies up front for our citizens! dineshdsouza.com

Andrew Pollack:

Andrew lost his daughter Meadow in the Parkland School shooting. The dangerous policies that led to his daughter's school being a target are still in place across America. Andrew's campaign to fix these dangerous policies is nationwide! formeadow.com

Jack Posobiec:

Jack is a Navy Veteran, author, Master of Twitter and One America News Network Correspondent! He's fighting for America First on social media every day and is an activist in the D.C. arena keeping tabs on the swamp. We're excited to welcome him to Oregon for the first time!

Juanita Broaddrick:

Juanita first burst onto the public scene when she accused former President Bill Clinton of rape. Her brave story and actions in the face of terrible adversity should be admired by all. She loves President Trump and he loves Juanita. We're glad to have her in Oregon for the first time as well!

Brett Miller:

Brett is a combat US Army Veteran and the Founder of Warfighter Outfitters. They are the largest veterans non-profit in the North West helping veterans access the great outdoors. Brett is doing good for Oregon veterans! 


Joey Nations:

Joey Nations is a Republican candidate in Oregon's 5th congressional district. He's a proud father and husband. He believes in America First policies and wants American citizens to be the top priority in our own country! joeynations.com

Carol Leek:

Carol Leek is an Oregon entrepreneur, business owner, business coach, leader, patriot and founder of Oregon Women for Trump! Carol has been an activist fighting for President Trump every day since 2015!

Paul Romero:

Paul is a Republican candidate for one of Oregon's federal senate seats. He's an America First patriot running on policies to help our citizens and finally put the people back in power in D.C. Check him out at romero4oregon.com

Alex Elkin:

Alex Elkin is a comedian and Oregon local who loves to make his fellow Americans enjoy the best Country on earth! He's not scared of the PC Police and enjoys great support across America. Come check him out before the America First Party! alexelkin.com

Kurt Van Meter Band:

Kurt Van Meter is an Oregon local, former police officer and amazing Country musician! You may have seen him in the news or live at a concert but you've never seen him perform at the America First Party. Don't miss out! kurtvanmeter.com